360 degree video can be a great, novel experience. But, that’s where it tends to stop. WIREWAX transforms 360 degree video into a world of interaction with people, products and purpose. Its unique motion tracking allows your audiences to not just see the world around them, but touch it to buy products, engage and ultimately, remember the experience. We’re pros with nearly all rigs including the Jaunt, OZO, and GoPro Omni setups.


Search Party
We set out across all 5 boroughs in NYC to create a one of a kind 360° video experience for Turner's binge-friendly, smash hit Search Party. Explore the scenes (of the crime), fall in love with the hipster crew, and uncover clues to solve the disappearance of Chantal!

Ted Baker
Keeping Up With The Bakers is a fully shoppable 360° video experience that allows you to take those prying eyes shopping by exploring the Bakers' home.

This 360° experience allows you to explore different scenes while learning more about GE and its facilities.

Berlin Station
EPIX launched the world's first interactive 360° video experience for their new original series, Berlin Station. The destination is seeing 6 interactions for every active viewer.

Living On The Edge
Look at the world around you in a new way with 360° shoppable video and interactive experiences that put you on the edge.

See the inside the incredible. This Large Hadron Collider turns into world of scientific discovery.


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