Creating immersive Experiences

WIREWAX is the world’s first interactive video platform, empowering users to add clickable hotspots, or ‘tags’, to any moving person or object in video. Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher than a static link at the bottom of the video frame, these tags encourage viewers to explore extra content, opportunities to buy or help create immersive experiences.

 "video should be as connected as the rest of the web"

A global leader in its field of video technology research, the company was born from a TV production company in 2010 after the founders identified that video should be as connected as the rest of the web. At the core of what WIREWAX does is the desire to automatically identify what every pixel represents and machine-read video content to extract a wealth of untapped metadata. A byproduct of this is a powerful self-serve interactive video solution with a stellar list of global users.



The original founder, Steve Callanan, had over 10 years experience in TV and video running his own production company before focusing on an interactive video concept and developed the world’s first browser-based video motion tracking engine. He was later joined by his co-founder, Dan Garraway who with broad knowledge and expertise in web development and cloud infrastructure helped take the idea to market. The concept was derived from experience working with broadcast and online video and the technology required to distribute content to a global audience. These original founders engineered and developed the concepts, prototypes, beta platform and some of the live service still in use today. They naturally stepped into the CEO and CTO roles as the company grew but while direction and strategy is still nurtured by those founders, the engineering and day-to-day programming is carried out by professionals with superior expertise.

"... the world’s first browser-based video motion tracking engine."

WIREWAX has now developed a complete, and world first, cloud-based, end-to-end pipeline for video ingestion, decomposition, analysis and delivery with the ability to add advanced annotations in real-time. The research and development involved in the process is new and unparalleled.