It’s time to back the interest with intelligence


You can't do the same thing as everyone else and expect to get different results. It's time for your video to evolve.


the mission

The mission is simple; to make video as intelligent as the rest of the web.

Steve Callanan, CEO + Dan Garraway, co-founder


Before understanding the how, we know it’s really ruddy important you have the why.
It comes down to 3 principles:

Content needs context to be valuable

WIREWAX automatically extracts metadata from content assets and then uses interaction to create data that drives decision making. 150 data points a second, to be exact.

Interaction is the lesson of the internet

When viewers interact, they decide, just as everything else on the internet. IPG Media Labs went and proved it for y’all too and found viewers spent 47% more time on interactive video. Worthy note - they also found the videos were 32% more memorable and drove a whopping 9X lift on purchase intent.

Creativity is now the currency

Creativity is now the currency of value and if you’ve ever seen and smelt ad-tech, you’ll know the reason why. The new shop front is your video. It should have the same level of importance.

strategy support

combined to bring you the world leaders in interactive storytelling


Steve is the CEO and co-founder of WIREWAX, heard of it? The original brain of the computer vision, before it was cool - Steve has truly transformational product engineering synapsys.


Dan is the co-founder of WIREWAX working globally on growth and strategic partnerships with a creative brain and the body of a small sack of potatoes.


Yvonne is executive vice president of product and works cross-functionally to enable you, the user, to realize your interactive potential.