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3 Ways to Make Your Video Content Interactive

Learn 3 ways to make video content interactive

There is a lot of buzz surrounding native interactive videos because of their ability to drive significant engagement rates among students and viewers as well as provide ecommerce product opportunities with unique visual experiences. But what about those who already have a collection of high-quality video content that isn’t interactive? Our recommendation is to repurpose video content – not replace it.

By repurposing video content you can harness additional untapped value from videos you’ve already made, and refresh them with interactive qualities to make them relevant to your users. Interactive videos regularly achieve conversion rates up to 9x higher than traditional passive video, and you can get your audience to spend double the amount of time consuming your content, leading to a higher degree of opportunity for them to engage directly and take action during consumption.

Ultimately, interactive video learning is about enhancing the user experience. Students need to do more than just watch videos while being distracted by the world around them. The goal when you repurpose video content is to create real-time audience engagement by bolstering existing videos with new action points.

How to Repurpose Video Content

1. Turn Your Product Videos Into Commerce Videos

With WIREWAX technology, people and objects within your existing videos can be detected automatically so that you can create new hotspots. If there are clothing pieces or other objects within your videos that you’d like to encourage users to purchase, you can create overlays with clickable links to external pages to increase commerce video conversions (as well as your sales figures).

2. Utilize Hotspots to Drive Users to Your Landing Page

Video hotspots are in-video call-to-action “buttons” that track objects within the videos to make them clickable. This increases interaction during material consumption and motivates users to engage with the material while they learn it. They are able to choose whether to take advantage of additional content or resources or to stay on a more simple path towards the comprehension of course content. Hotspots can be done with text, photos, videos, and more.

3. Add Quiz Points to Engage Users Effectively

Inside WIREWAX’s interactive video making software you can add quiz points to your existing videos and repurpose video content so that viewers better absorb the material you are teaching them. Viewing the information and then being quizzed before moving on helps students store important items in their brains that they can recall at a later time.

Repurpose Video Content With WIREWAX

Shifting to more powerful content by creating interactive videos does not mean that you have to start over. Let WIREWAX help you repurpose video content and create better trainee or student engagement by learning more about our platform and equipping yourself with our proprietary tools. Contact us today to get started!



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