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The Wall Street Journal’s secret to driving engagement

At WIREWAX we continuously see our publishers push the boundaries of what brand content powered by interactive technology can achieve, and The Wall Street Journal is no exception. The Wall Street Journal’s in-house brand studio, The Trust, continues to find innovative ways to enhance their branded content storytelling with interactive video.  From finance to business; …


Create dynamic, real-time overlays with Live Elements™

You don’t have flying cars or meals in a pill form yet (not really, at least), but we do feel we’re greeting you at the gates of the future with the release of our epic new Studio feature – Live Elements™.  Let’s face it – you have content that constantly updates: whether it’s your product …


Automated Skip Intro Detector Saves Rooms of Interns From Emotional Turmoil

OK, so we’ve all been there. You’re hooked on your latest TV show. You’re just about to indulge in episode two and the same bloody intro sequence kicks in. You’re instantly pummelled with a duvet of disappointment. What do you do? You reach for the remote. But do you try to fast-forward with the precision …



MATCHESFASHION Shoppable Video extends with WIREWAX

UK based retailer MATCHESFASHION, known for their global luxury brand offering, adopted shoppable video in 2017 as a means to tie their stunning video productions into purchase opportunities. Since then they’ve elevated over 40 films in their 5 Carlos Place film collection (named after their London shop location) by incorporating clickable hotspots on clothing for …



How to create an effective shoppable video

The effectiveness of shoppable video in driving revenue cannot be underestimated; nor can its vital role throughout retail brand strategy in today’s new world.  Even before the majority of consumer purchasing went completely online, 84% of people said they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.  Video will only …


WIREWAX are Official Facebook Marketing Partners

WIREWAX & Facebook have made it officially official. We’ve now earned the distinction of being named an approved Facebook Marketing Partner.  After years of WIREWAX videos performing at case-study levels across Facebook and Instagram, the teams at the big blue could wait no longer to offer our interactive video suite of tools to their advertisers.  …


The renowned Small/Cool event from Apartment Therapy goes interactive

As the WIREWAX team at our New York City headquarters can attest, there’s nothing better than getting inspired on how to take full advantage of that small yet precious real estate we call home.  Luckily, our partners at leading lifestyle and home decor publisher Apartment Therapy have got us covered. Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool contest is …


WIREWAX @ SMW: The Context Problem

The noise in the digital content landscape today is almost deafening, yet brands are powering ahead with short-form offerings, leaving a monumental gap in context and a lesser experience for the end-user. Audiences are being served endless streams of content without any additional depth and this is changing the way we receive, process and retain …