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Branching: The Ultimate Lean-In Experience

Incorporating branching into your video allows your viewers to take control of their experience in an engaging way; allowing them to craft the viewing experience that’s most relevant to them. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost engagement with your viewers and get real-time feedback on their preferences and choices.

As an added mega-bonus,  it also provides the data and insights into what your audience is most interested in for current and future content development.

With WIREWAX branching techniques, you can create clickable decision points in your video that can then jump or loop the viewer to another timestamp in your video for a seamless, engaging experience.

For example: instead of embedding several related videos separately or having a series of videos in a playlist, you could consider adding a menu to the beginning of the video series that will allow the viewer to choose what they want to watch.

With branching, get ready to turbo-boost your video engagement and recall. We’ve seen that viewers are more likely to want to go back and explore other paths in the video once they complete one path. You can see how this type of engagement and exposure can lead to brand and topic recall which, as you might imagine, works great for the education and internal training sectors.

Ready for a quick tutorial? Watch as Customer Success Director, Marissa, explains the ins and outs of creating your first branching video.