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Create Interactive Training Videos With WIREWAX

Create Interactive Training Videos with WIREWAX

Videos have been used for learning and training on a widespread basis for many years now, with many organizations taking advantage of mobile capabilities to deliver short, easily consumable media. But based on how humans interact with and recall new information, basic video learning doesn’t always have the impact that is desired. Information found in videos longer than two minutes, for example, becomes easily forgettable without reinforcement leaving the viewer frustrated and disengaged.

One of the ways that modern-day organizations are getting around this obstacle is by introducing interactive training videos that focus on bringing the viewer to the forefront of the learning experience and engaging them throughout the delivery of information. Case studies show that interactive videos have led to significantly improved numbers over traditional video learning. In addition to viewers spending 47% more time watching, memory recall, user interaction, and overall engagement have been shown to increase as well.

  • 9x greater interaction rates
  • 3x increase in user engagement
  • 32% increase in memory recall

In any corporate environment, training is an essential practice and one that is of high concern in terms of employee investment. If employees aren’t digesting information effectively it can have a negative effect on corporate growth, simply due to natural forgetfulness. As The Curve of Forgetting illustrates, humans typically retain only 40% of new information after two days without any reinforcement, meaning that corporations can lose 60% of their investment rather quickly.

That’s where interactive training videos come into play – by increasing user engagement and memory recall, corporations can instead achieve positive, measurable results that help them develop and nurture more productive teams.

Interactive Training Video Benefits

In addition to increasing learner engagement at every stage of the training process, interactive training videos provide organizations with:

  • Effective learning reinforcement. Interactive training videos can be rewatched as many times as necessary to reinforce difficult concepts or processes
  • Real-time support. They allow the use of hotspots for trainees to answer questions and respond to scenarios in real-time
  • Powerful and insightful data. Accurate engagement data provides the ability to gauge cognition and reinforce areas of opportunity

Interactive Training Videos in Action

McDonald’s Interactive Training for Employees

To provide enhanced crew orientation support, McDonald’s utilized interactive video as part of their training process to engage employees by breaking concepts into bite-sized, interactive pieces to reinforce every aspect of their core competencies. They were able to witness up to 5x longer engagement with 9x the interaction rates. The data showed that the interactive training videos were 32% more memorable to employees than traditional training videos.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Interactive Business

To help prepare students for exams, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants used interactive video to present real-world scenarios that offered students the opportunity to choose a course of action based on their training. Video branching was a key feature used to generate this success, and a 61% interaction rate was recorded with an average of 6.8 interactions per viewer.

Interactive Video for Better Corporate Training

Training is an essential part of building a successful business, from onboarding new employees to ongoing training for business leadership. Interactive training videos present new opportunities to enhance learning and greatly reduce the waste commonly associated with training costs. If your organization can increase engagement and interaction while at the same time improving memory recall so that employees retain information at a faster and more stable rate, you can build competent teams that better understand the processes your business uses to ensure positive growth for the future.

At WIREWAX, we help over 40,000 global users create immersive training videos that promote interaction and sustainable learning. By leveraging the power of video branching, clickable overlays, and video hotspots, we enable corporations to develop better training opportunities for their employees. If traditional video isn’t working for your business and you’re ready for your training efforts to evolve, contact WIREWAX today and we’ll help you bring your own interactive training videos to life.


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