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Creating Branching Videos With WIREWAX Studio

Incorporating branching into your video allows your viewers to take control of their experience in an engaging way.

With WIREWAX branching techniques, you can create clickable decision points in your video that can then jump or loop the viewer to another timestamp in your video for a seamless, engaging experience.

Check out how you can allow the viewer to choose their own story here.

Ready to try it? Let’s begin.

1. Upload all of your video creatives

Branching in WIREWAX requires all of your video assets to be uploaded as one singular file. Even if you’ve got different segments of your branching video, you”ll want to edit them together as one video file (one right after the other) before uploading to WIREWAX.

 2. Insert branch point from a hotspot

Want to give your viewers the freedom of choice? You can create a clickable jump point from any hotspot you add to your video. After creating your hotspot on an object, face or area of your choice, choose ‘jump to point in video’ from the Hotspot Manager on the right. Select your out point (the timestamp to which you want the video to jump).

If you need help adding hotspots, check out this post.

3. Create a custom branch point

You can also create an ‘automatic’ decision point – one that the viewer doesn’t need to interact with to launch. On the right-hand side of the Studio, choose the ‘Time Triggers’ tab and click Create a New Branch’.

From here, choose either Pause Point or Jump Point.

For a Pause point, insert a timestamp where you’d like the video to pause automatically. ✋ You can scrub through the video or manually enter the timestamp.

 Smart tip 1 ⚠️

Make sure you’ve included one or more clickable hotspots where you’ve got a Pause Point, so your viewer can continue the video when ready!

For a Jump Point, enter both the in and out timestamps of when you’d like the video to automatically skip ahead (or loopback), and to when it should skip or loop.

Smart tip 2 ⚠️

When presenting viewers with a menu of clickable options, use a Jump Point to loop the viewer back through the menu until they make a choice.

Lastly, we offer some nifty add-on features to customize the video branching experience. Contact us to learn more about a Branching subscription! 📧

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