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Doors Wide Open for Multi-Layered Content Delivery with Interactive Video

Brands, businesses, and worldwide communicators alike now implement and activate new content almost by the second. We already know audiences are becoming overwhelmed and often times oversaturated with the blogs, vlogs, videos, podcasts, and now even TikToks coming at them from all angles. 

It’s often said content is king, but how does your audience unlock all your content in unity? And, when it comes to so much content, are we asking too much of our audience to piece it all together naturally? 

As a savvy strategist, you’ve no doubt optimised your different channels to deliver to the audience divide you’re experiencing. Video for your watchers, editorial for your readers. But you’re juggling KPIs – how do we compare views to reads, and is anyone taking the action you want? 

Even with a video embedded into a blog you’re still asking a choreographed approach from your target audience: “Please read this, watch this, and now continue reading this, thanks.” 

Realistically, all of this is hinged on the idea that they are engaged enough to scroll at all and not just bounce out after the first paragraph, or click away before the 10-second mark.

As we consistently evolve our communications approach, the conversation for cross-channel and cross-content integration is becoming stronger than ever. With interactive, you have the freedom to unify audiences with layers of content delivered in one experience AND deliver an action point. 

Take an example, a snappy 30-second trends video for the year ahead. Pretty regular stuff around this time of year, I’m sure you’ve seen a few: 

Now lets up the ante with interactive video: 

How many hotspots did you click? Did you watch for a little longer?
Studies show that with interactive video, audiences are likely to spend almost twice as long with the content, with memorability increasing over 30%. 

We wish we could say the same about that original video. 

Within one example, and with the power of WIREWAX Studio, we were able to deliver information, extended channel integration, an entire live article, and a gateway to more content all within one video. 

Forget what you think you know about interactive video and remember this: Interactive video means more layers to your content.

It’s editorial-in-video, it’s even video-in-video. It’s your content delivered in an integrated experience optimised for unifying your audiences, establishing a more valuable content experience, and driving to the action you need. 

Talk to our team now to discover how you can add more layers to your content with interactive video on WIREWAX Studio. 


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