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Everything You Need For Holiday Campaign Of Your Dreams

Around the world, brands are starting to look at that big shining light just before the end of the year when the shops are a-flutter with the madness of gift-buying and stocking-filling. You got it right, it’s the holiday season. 

But what can you do now to get ahead of the game and set yourself up for the most biggest ROI possible to round out the year? We’ve taken a look back at our top-performing campaigns and found the key insights you need to create the festive season of your dreams with WIREWAX Studio. 

1.  Streamlined Experiences

Purchase-primed content that is ready to be acted on and easier than ever to distribute across your key communication channels. 

Target in-market shoppers with in-feed, in-stream interactive content pushing them to your larger brand experiences in less than 3 clicks.

Ted Baker created a purchasable holiday sensation for a new spin on their classic campaign video content.  The experience showcases every item on offer and gives the viewer an immediate action to make the purchase. Earning 98,000 views, the interactive video sent over $75,000 in sales to TedBaker.com in its first week alone.

2. Ease Of Engagement

Your video should have your users falling head over heels to engage. Whether it’s to uncover more information for products and styles, jump through your brand narrative, or simply explore more, create e-commerce experiences that will have your viewers completely immersed and begging for more.

Bloomingdale’s and Cotton nailed this with their 60-second purchasable runway show. The video earned a whopping 1 million unique views, with users engaging twice on average with the clothing available throughout the video and spending more than 2.5 seconds exploring additional product on offer with their dynamic overlays.

3. Share-worthy Experiences

What is the best way to optimise reach of your campaign? Create something your viewers want to share again, and again, and again. Interactive video has the power to deliver experiences so memorable viewers can’t help but spread the word. Interactive video gives users something they have never experienced before, and that’s worth shouting about. 

Create something that will blow your users out of the water and they’ll do the rest of the hard work for you. You’ll be the talk of the town in no time. 

Nike and Hypebae created a purchasable style simulation to plunge customers into their streetwear brand while simultaneously giving them access to purchase the products on show.

The experience sat on their owned site and drew users to share the page and their unique style selections across social media, generating constantly growing organic traffic with each share.

4. A Shortcut To Purchase

If you’ve created a traditional campaign video chances are you are hoping that a post view CTA will be enough to drive your audience to your point of purchase, assuming you can break through the clutter and keep their attention long enough to want to engage. 

By layering the call to action directly onto products as they appear, you are able to call your viewers to act immediately. No waiting, no lost attention, no extra steps. 

See it, want it, buy it. Its power has been proven again and again with studies showing a 9X increase in purchase intent when interactive is involved. Add to that the measured 32% increase in memorability and 47% longer spent with your content and it’s clear to see how easily you can craft a purchase powerhouse with interactive video. 

Harness that drive for your festive campaign and see your numbers soar. 

Create custom interactive experiences tailored to your audience and inline effortlessly with your campaign now using WIREWAX Studio


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