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Get Inspired With Some Of The Best From WIREWAX Studio

Have interactive creator’s block?

With such a diverse toolset, sometimes getting started can often be the hardest part. Get inspired for your next interactive masterpiece from some of the most amazing projects created in WIREWAX Studio.

This H&M sample campaign came from our award-winning creative team. Using a combination of motion-tracking sticky hotspots paired with shoppable fullscreen overlays makes for an engaging, immersive experience from a rather short piece of creative.

Bonus – an eye-catching gif as the poster frame serves as a tantalising teaser for kickstarting engagement.

Not only can you choose hotspot designs from our ever-growing library, but you can also develop animations and edit fonts to keep your hotspot closers to the brand.

Whether you have an SVG ready to go or you want something completely custom, our team can bring it to life. In this interactive campaign example built for Belmond, the custom hotspot comes with a slick animation designed by our talented team.


Branching videos are a proven method of boosting video engagement.
With a seamless choose-your-own-experience, viewers are gratified with an immediate response to their interactions. Best of all, the data from branching videos can inform your ongoing video strategy.

This branching brilliance built for publishing giant Meredith saw an average of 6 interactions per user, with 68% of all viewers interacting throughout the video.

Hotspots that signal interactivity can be anything you like – such as a client logo or animated call to action. Challenge yourself or our team with creating specialist hotspots completely custom to your brand.

When it came to GSK’s Voltarol pain relief campaign, our team created hotspots that were completely custom to the needs of the campaign which meant a huge boost for their creative flow.

Have an idea for your next interactive project?
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