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How Animation and Interactivity Can Create Impactful Viewer Experiences [WEBINAR]

As physical production is limited across the globe, we’re seeing more and more brands and businesses needing to find an alternative shift in content productions. For many, that shift is coming with the adoption of animation. 

Diving deeper into this, we joined our partners in animation, Wyzowl, to take a look at how interactivity and animation can achieve on-brand content with impact perfectly tailored to your audience. 

Throughout our session, we took a look into: 

  • Why video is so important and a platform of communication
  • The noise in the space that is making it harder and harder for a brand to stand out with their video content. 
  • What interactivity can bring to animation
  • How interactivity and animation can work together to achieve communications success throughout your content. 

Watch our webinar back now, and discover if interactive animated video content is the right next step for you. 



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