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Sharing a WIREWAX video to Facebook and Instagram

WIREWAX is honored to be officially named Facebook Marketing partners! Leveraging your Facebook audience is a great way for social-savvy brands to drive an engaged and loyal audience to your interactive experiences. 

Darian, our VP of Platform Growth, explains how to integrate your WIREWAX videos seamlessly with Facebook and Instagram. Read on to learn more about how to distribute via Facebook and Instagram.

There are several ways to promote your interactive video to your Facebook or Instagram audience.

From an organic Facebook Post or Story

WIREWAX will be part of the ‘post-click’ experience on Facebook or Instagram. Promote your interactive video to Facebook even if you’ve used the WIREWAX player somewhere else (like your website). Add a short ‘teaser’ video, gif or an image with text that links to your video’s landing page as the pre-click video. This can even be done from a Facebook or Instagram story “swipe up”.

If you don’t have your own video landing page, you can just use the direct link to the video from WIREWAX.

Check out an example from our own Facebook page here!

Though this strategy will not allow the video to be interactive in-feed, it will still open up in either the Facebook or Instagram browser so your viewer doesn’t need to leave the app.

From a Promoted Facebook or Instagram Ad (Post or Story)

Similar to organic posts, you can use the same strategy to link to your interactive experience from a promoted Facebook or Instagram post or story.

Simply add the WIREWAX link (post click link) to your ad or story. Copy and paste the embedder link from the Embed tab in WIREWAX Studio. The full URL will look something like this: http://embedder.wirewax.com/8181564/?autoStart=true&

Or, you can use the link to your website! Check out how Gogglesoc have promoted their Interactive Tradeshow across Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure to add an engaging Call-to-action – this can be anything but we like ‘Watch More’ the best!

For the best experience, try creating a vertical interactive video especially suited for mobile viewing.

Check out P&G’s vertical interactive ad format:

Have questions about Facebook distribution? Holler at us @ support@wirewax.com.



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