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How NBCUniversal is winning with WIREWAX commerce Video

When NBC’s VP Commerce Partnerships, Evan Moore, joined our Social Media Week panel on the future of Commerce Video (watch or rewatch it here), he told us “the key to commerce success is capturing purchase intent at the exact moment of inspiration.”

Safe to say NBC has done exactly that with the recently launched NBCUniversal Checkout with WIREWAX technology. NBCUniversal Checkout connects the interactions within video to the cart on site, allowing a seamless conversion at the point of purchase intent on products across NBC properties.

Check out the action here:

The best part? The results, of course. Through the combination of commerce video and the NBCUniversal Checkout’s add-to-cart immediacy, NBC has seen 30% higher conversion rate compared to the average industry benchmark.

How NBCUniversal is winning with WIREWAX commerce Video

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