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Inside Interactive: Thoughts From Martin Percy, Interactive Director.

With 6 Webbys, a Grand Clio, and a BAFTA under his belt, Director Martin Percy is no stranger to the interactive video world. Martin channels his attention toward exploring new technology for never-before-seen film experiences. For our third instalment of Inside Interactive, we pick his meticulous mind to better understand the intersection between traditional vs interactive video, and when harnessed correctly, the powerful experiential outcome that can be offered between the two.

“Interactive video turns viewers into thinkers and DOers.
…perhaps you want your video to make people DO something? Or THINK about something? Or BUY something?

Then adding interactivity to video can be dynamite.”

At its core, interactive video demands a different response to traditional video.

See the video. Think about it. Act on it. NOW.
Not later. Not after the video is over and someone’s asking you to do something while you do 10,000 other things.
Act now – during the video. In the video.”

Channelling the consumer’s reaction throughout the viewing process means considering the behaviour that you are tugging on to trigger a response. For traditional, this may be sitting back and taking in an audio/visual experience, which is no bad thing. For interactive, this is an immediate engagement and a cognitive reaction, a much more lean-in experience.

“When you direct an interactive video, you have to know precisely how the viewer is going to interact with the footage. That’s why, as an interactive video director, my deliverable is not just the edited video clips. Because that’s just part of the experience.

My deliverable is always the final, completed interactive video. Working properly on whatever platform it’s been made for.

So when I approach an interactive video, the final interactive stage is what I’m always thinking about. That means I can direct the footage correctly. Because I know exactly how it will be used in the completed interactive video.“

For Martin, his interactive focus in video sets out to mimic real life.

I show the action from the point of view that you would see if you were there.

The interactions the viewer does in the video should be close to what you would naturally do if you were there, so the whole experience should feel natural and intuitive.”

It’s this approach that has led Martin to become so highly acclaimed through his work.

This simulation pulls the viewer headfirst into the video, the motivation for interaction is a whole new viewing experience for most and one that many just can’t get enough of.

“If you still think interactive video = ‘Choose Your Own Adventure™ Stories’, then open your mind.  Interactive video is about so much more. It’s about creating experiences where you can see, think and act. Right now. Just like real life. “

This year has had no limit to the conversations happening around interactive video, with brands and creators alike exploring the medium for individual creative purposes. More and more brands are developing their own relationship with the medium and waiting with bated breath as tech advances give them more than they could have ever dreamed of with interactive video. There is no doubt traditional video is still both valuable and valid within our current viewing climate, but interactive is opening the floodgates to what can and should be leveraged and explored within the space.

So what do creative heavyweights like Martin want to see more of while the medium jumps from strength to strength?

More experimentation. More energy. Creatives using contemporary tech to reach out to people around the world in new ways. Combining the emotional power of video with the fun and freedom that comes with the power to act. “

So the question left to ask is: Do you want viewers or DOers?

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