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Interactive Quiz Maker: Create Interactive Videos for Education

Interactive Quiz Maker with WIREWAX's Interactive Videos

In recent years the shift towards remote learning has caused a disruption to the traditional educational model, and many parents have made efforts to pursue alternative solutions to help their children succeed in the modern digital world. The concept of remote learning isn’t new, but it was exacerbated in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic with 93% of households that had school-age children at home participating in remote learning to some degree.

As many parents and teachers can attest, keeping students engaged in their studies while attending school remotely brings forth a new set of challenges to overcome, and legacy techniques for improving that engagement aren’t viable solutions in a digital world where distractions are commonplace. As a result, innovative tools have been developed to help improve student engagement and focus for greater educational success.

Interactive video education is one way that students are getting more out of the learning experience. With the ability to create interactive quiz resources and interactive learning video accompaniments, teachers have a much higher chance of improving engagement and helping their students understand important concepts that they might otherwise struggle with due to the changes brought on by attending school from home.

Why Create Interactive Videos for Students?

More Options for Students

For many years now, research has shown that interactive videos for education provide teachers and educators with a unique opportunity to offer students more options in terms of consuming and recalling information. An interactive quiz maker offers high-quality content capability and enables students to choose how they explore and learn the material. In addition, interactive videos for students help to increase their cognitive skills and improve efficiency meaning that regardless of different learning styles, students can better understand educational material and benefit from it at a higher proficiency.

More Options for Educators

Both teachers and parents agree that what has been lacking in the traditional school system are strategies that work to keep students motivated to learn even when learning remotely from home. This can be described as a major need for many, and parents reiterate this notion stating that they want their children to experience positive activities while learning material that is important to their success.

Benefits of Interactive Video Education

The ability to create interactive quiz materials and interactive learning video materials provides students and their teachers with a number of attractive benefits that can help to eliminate many of the common distractions and demotivational obstacles that today’s students are facing with remote learning. While a traditional educational video fundamentally neglects the student and turns them into a passive viewer, an interactive learning video brings the student deeper into the learning experience and requires them to take part in their own education. This activates the student, keeps them engaged, and motivates them – they’re able to see learning as a positive experience instead of one where they are simply being talked at by a generic video.

WIREWAX interactive video education provides ample opportunity for students to engage, focus, and stay motivated. Educators can create interactive quiz content that is built directly into interactive learning video content providing an efficient way of testing students’ understanding of presented concepts and course material.

  • WIREWAX’S powerful Video Branching feature offers an interactive quiz maker that helps teachers build powerful quiz material that can be incorporated into their educational videos.
  • Data for all students is recorded and can be analyzed in order for teachers to gain insight into how interactions take place and where additional support should be provided.
  • With access to real-time feedback, educators can continually revamp and re-optimize content, creating interactive videos for education that are based on how students interact with course material on an ongoing basis.

WIREWAX interactive videos for students include the use of maps, quizzes, and link chains that are embedded and help educators measure things like reflection, evaluation, case-based teaching, attitude change, and more. By creating interactive videos for education that involve the student every step of the way, teachers can help students improve in areas such as visualization, exploration, demonstration, and presentation of their learned findings.

Interactive Video Education Is Here to Stay

Pandemic or not, creating interactive videos for education at home is a concept that offers unique benefits over traditional learning and can provide ongoing support for those learning remotely. Educators need ways to keep students engaged so that they put effort into their learning experience, and interactive videos for students can help to bridge the gap of inequality between different types of students as well. Everyone learns in different ways, and WIREWAX can help to connect both tactile and kinesthetic students and provide them with the tools they need for a successful education experience.

As the only interactive video company with proprietary software, WIREWAX offers support to educators and equip them with innovative tools to create interactive quiz materials, analyze user interaction, and maintain interactive videos for students. Contact us today for more information about our interactive quiz maker.




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