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Interactive Video Delivers Growth For Concerned Brands

Due to the challenging current climate, many brands are finding themselves needing to overhaul their digital approach to survive. With displaced teams and opportunities of physical presence becoming limited, it is paramount that brands redevelop their strategy to both deepen and strengthen their brand presence. The need for valuable, accessible, and actionable interactive content for brand survival has never been stronger. 

Many brands are relying on video to get them to the point they need to achieve for survival. However, a recent study from our partners, Wyzowl, stated 92% of video marketers feel the level of noise and competition in the video space has increased in the last year, meaning there are more brands than ever all competing for the same video sweet spot in their audience. To quote Global Director of Design and Innovation, Pat MacFie, “It’s time for video to grow up…”

The major players already gearing up for survival are those that understand video is no longer about passive viewing, but are reassessing their perspective to deliver video as an experience with interactive video.

With uncertain times ahead, clear leaders in digital strategy are understanding and acting on the necessity to develop, expand, and advance their content offering at speed. 

When it comes to the world of commerce, being able to pivot experiences and elevate existing video for positive financial growth will be key, as will being able to deliver these optimised experiences direct to the audience where they already are. 

Explained by Verizon’s Head of eCommerce and international, Rose Tsou, “The future of commerce belongs to brands and creators who bring commerce and content closer together in a seamless, engaging, and interactive viewing environment.”

At WIREWAX, we are seeing distinct drivers in this strategy becoming the necessity to deliver experience-led video content: 

  • Quickly.
  • Collaboratively.
  • Powerfully.
  • In a way that is versatile for multi-channel and multi-market delivery.
  • In a way that is trackable.
  • And in a way that is delivering an elevated sense of brand throughout. 

Interactive video ticks most of these boxes. 
With WIREWAX Studio, your team can tick them all. 

Speak to us now to better understand how your team could already be advancing digital brand growth with versatile, engagement-driven interactive video built with WIREWAX Studio. 

Written by Rebecca Warger, Marketing Director



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