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Interactive Video: How to Engage With Students in School

How to Engage With Students in School

How to Engage with Students using Interactive Video

The biggest problem with using traditional videos in the classroom is the lack of ability for students to interact and respond to what they’re learning as they take it in. Retention of information is low for many students, and it creates a disparity between students who have an innate knack for paying attention to details and those who don’t. In short, it doesn’t provide an even playing field for students to learn, connect, develop, and grow – but interactive video does, and it does it really, really well.

3 Uses for Interactive Video in the Classroom

Interactive Video for Student Assessments

Assessing each student’s comprehension of course material is made far easier with the help of interactive video. With the ability to generate instant feedback and guide students toward the correct answers through meaningful and engaging learning opportunities, interactive video is projected to become a staple of student assessment in the future.

Interactive Video for Group Learning

Especially in the case of younger students, interactive video for group learning nullifies common classroom distractions and focuses students on the task before them. Instead of just watching as information is spoken to them, they can interact and learn in their own personalized way.

Interactive Video for Distance Learning

With more students learning from home in our modern, digital world, interactive video presents a unique method of teaching that isn’t as heavily reliant on a physical teacher in a physical classroom. Students can participate in their studies and explore topics and subjects with minimal direction.

Why Choose WIREWAX for Your Interactive Video Creation?

At WIREWAX, we’ve created a customizable and scalable learning experience that enables schools to create content that best supports their students. With a broad range of functionality and motion-tracking technology, student engagement reaches new heights and boosts the overall learning potential of each pupil. Contact us to learn more about how interactive video can help with eLearning!