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ITV becomes first broadcaster in UK to use clickable video with WIREWAX

ITV has become the first UK broadcaster to adopt clickable video in a new interactive experience for the leading ITV2 show, The Only Way Is Essex.

The music video, produced with the agency BBH, allows viewers to click on the stars of the hit show and get access to whole host of exclusive video content, download wallpapers, buy the music and even signup for free SMS alerts from the show, all within the embeddable video.

It is also the first WIREWAX video to use our custom tags, meaning instead of seeing the default box highlighted tag, viewers click on floating glitter and sparkles – all very Essex!

The video shows just how rich and integrated WIREWAX can be and demonstrates what broadcast television and the very latest in digital interactivity can achieve together.

See the video on bit.ly/itvEssex


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