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Make Your Shoppable Video Stand Out With WIREWAX Studio

The unique capabilities of WIREWAX’s lightweight, HTML5 iframe player combined with the endless possibilities for customization and design in our Studio help you set the gold standard for shoppable videos. Read on to find out more about the ways we stand apart from the pack when it comes to shoppable video. 

iFrame API

The iFrame player API lets you embed a WIREWAX video player on your website and control the player using JavaScript. Using the API’s JavaScript functions, play, pause, or stop those videos; adjust the player volume; or retrieve information about the video being played.

Using WIREWAX’s player API, you can listen for events within the video such as hotspot or button clicks, and add the product to the cart on your site. This allows your viewer to have a direct purchase path between what they’re watching and what they’re immediately buying. 

Using the WIREWAX player API, each retail site may use it to integrate in a different way. Check with your site developers on the best way to use the player API for your particular site setup.

Make Your Shoppable Video Stand Out With WIREWAX Studio
NBCUniversal Checkout with WIREWAX technology
Make Your Shoppable Video Stand Out With WIREWAX Studio
Shopify Cart Integrationhttps://www.wirewax.com/shoppable/


An overlay is a pop-up that appears on hotspot click in the video/image. The overlay can contain images, videos, text, and maps to name just some of the possibilities – think of it like a mini website in your video. With WIREWAX’s custom overlay editor you can be sure every part of the interactive video design, from the fonts and colors to the graphics, matches your brand identity. Overlays are completely customizable, allowing you to flex your creative muscles to create a unique and on-brand experience.

Make Your Shoppable Video Stand Out With WIREWAX Studio


Hotspots are the key to opening up a world of interactivity for your video. A hotspot is the clickable call to action added to your video and invites the audience to interact. Clicking on a hotspot will trigger an action to occur. This action can be triggering an overlay, adding a product to cart or driving traffic to a site or product page. Your hotspot can take many forms – peruse our library of designs to find one that makes your video pop or upload your own bespoke hotspot designs.

Make Your Shoppable Video Stand Out With WIREWAX Studio

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