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Maximising The Reach Of Your Interactive Video

Take your interactive video to new heights.

In a previous section, Distributing and Embedding Your WIREWAX Video, we learned all about the distribution channels where your newly created interactive content can live. Now, let’s walk through how to leverage these distribution channels to boost your video’s reach, views, engagement and more.

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Utilize a third-party platform to take your content farther. WIREWAX is compatible with the most popular online video platforms like Brightcove, JW Player, Comcast Online Video Platform, Youtube, Vimeo and more. Not only can you seamlessly integrate your interactive videos with the rest of your strategic traditional video offering, you’ll also leverage the power of your own familiar channels and playlists, branding and look that your audience has come to love.

Proprietary Landing Page

If you’re taking advantage of WIREWAX’s lightweight, HTML5 player, you may be embedding it onto your own website or owned-and-operated destinations. Following the below best practices will help to ensure your audience sees and interacts with maximum efficiency.

Add Context Clues

If you’re new to interactive video, chances are your audience is as well. Make sure they know they can not only watch, but engage with your video by surrounding the video with clear calls to action.

Check out how Ted Baker has set up their proprietary landing page for their shoppable Holiday campaign. Here, Ted Baker demonstrates a great way to direct your viewers to the interactive experience – not only on the page surrounding the video but also on the poster frame with a clear “Click the Tags to Shop” call to action.

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Auto-start Smartly

Take advantage of your engaged visitor’s eyeballs and page views by auto-starting your interactive experience. In the WIREWAX editor, customize the embed code to auto-start upon page load.

Make sure your video embed is large enough to be the main focal point of the page and positioned above the fold (meaning it’s the first thing you’ll see when you visit the page!).

Our friends at Apartment Therapy have perfected the art of the auto-start.
When directing viewers to this video landing page from your website’s home page, social platforms or newsletters, include a call-to-action (“Click here to view our interactive shoppable video!”) that lets readers know they’re about to encounter an interactive video, so they’re more likely to stay and engage with an auto-start experience.

👩🏼‍💻Smart Tip: Both Chrome and Safari browsers will mute autoplay videos automatically for optimal user experience. The WIREWAX player will display a large mute button on the player when viewing in these two browsers.

Promote From Social Media

As we’ve learned, there are several ways to use WIREWAX natively on social platforms. In addition, if you have a large, engaged audience on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, leverage these by driving traffic from social to your interactive experience – post a link accompanied by an engaging gif or image to your interactive video experience on your website.

Here, Rakuten has gone a step further and posted a short teaser clip of their interactive experience on Facebook, and then allowed viewers to click out to view the entire video.

In-App Experience

If your interactive experience lends itself to go side-by-side with your native app content, use WIREWAX in a webview to integrate into any native app.

Not sure how to take your interactive experience to the next level? Email us the deets at support@wirewax.com and we’ll gladly assist.



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