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Microsoft Unveils the ‘New Normal’ with WIREWAX Studio

Hong Kong-based EuCan productions partnered with Microsoft to create the first ever Interactive Virtual Microsoft Experience Tour. This choose your own adventure experience takes a step into the future and shows viewers the ‘new normal’ by bringing the office and professional development anywhere. Account Technology Strategist, Ray Liew and his colleagues welcome viewers to engage, interact, and drive their own learning using WIREWAX’s interactive video technology. Viewers can create their own personalized tour, exploring different industries like retail and hospitality and healthcare or different pillars such as empower employees and engage customers. Microsoft has begun promoting the experience across their social platforms including LinkedIn.

Microsoft Unveils the ‘New Normal’ with WIREWAX Studio

Microsoft’s Interactive Virtual Microsoft Experience Tour exemplifies the diverse application of WIREWAX technology to meet many different needs and verticals. Menu overlays allow visitors to jump between sections, while video hotspots drive further exploration and interaction. Viewers can even switch languages with the tap of a hotspot. After an interactive conversation with a personal concierge, viewers looking to learn more can click through to the Microsoft site to take their education to the next level. If the audience is looking to get in touch, an embedded form capture helps viewers to provide their information to contact the team at Microsoft. 

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