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Netflix Reveals Not One But Two New Interactive Programmes As Demand Sky Rockets

We all spectated the unfolding of Black Mirror Bandersnatch. We watched, we clicked, we made decisions that made us question ourselves, and a lot of us were left hungry for more. Now, Netflix is enticing its audience with two new interactive offerings – an adventure-packed super series starring Bear Grylls and a family-friendly animated program, Battle Kitty.

The announcement follows on from the tidal wave of success at the start of the year for Netflix. Almost every major media-focused publication shifted their gaze to the impact interactive video is and will have across most digital industries as the technology evolves. As they push forward to break boundaries and engage meaningfully continues it leaves brands and publishers in a position where, at this point, if they aren’t already using interactive video in their offering they should be seriously asking themselves why.

As more and more businesses develop adoption strategies for interactive video, we are starting to learn how much savvy brands can adapt to changing digital consumer behaviour. We’ve seen this with the meteoric rise of shoppable video in the retail space.

For brands, it isn’t enough to just show a video to your audience while they sit back, you need something that is going to grab them by their collar and pull them directly into the story. You want something that is totally and completely transformative as an experience, immersing the viewer in every aspect.

When brands are able to take into account the psychology behind the experience for their audiences, they too can begin to build an experiential empire that stands up to the likes of Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch.

When brands begin to consider the impact the experience has on a viewer emotionally immediately while viewing, they will be able to break through the ever-narrowing attention span and regain the engagement they rightly deserve.

Until then it will be the savvy creators and early adopters enjoying the endless potential of offer with interactive video.

Brands beware, sitting back and watching Netflix take the lead is going to leave you in the dark. Your interactive video destiny is yours to forge, and we’re here to help you stand out from the growing crowd.


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