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New PEUGEOT gets Personal and Interactive

In magnificent celebration of the new Peugeot 108, our friends, social media marketing superstars, 33Seconds, have come back to WIREWAX for more interactive innovation after the wild success of their interactive video for Robot Chicken! They’ve come up with the brilliant idea for the world’s first interactive automotive trailer, allowing viewers to explore their client, Peugeot 108’s ground-breaking advancements and new features.

By simply repurposing the existing TV advertisement starring the illustrious artist Lykke Li, and adding WIREWAX technology, Peugeot has succeeded in creating a video specifically for the digital world that is equally as cutting-edge as the progressive features of the New 108. Viewers are prompted to click (or touch) on various points of interest throughout the 1 minute trailer if they wish to “discover” more about state-of-the-art innovations, including a reversing camera, a seven inch colour touch screen, keyless start, and a sliding cabrio roof.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.14.29 PM (2)

When the call-to-action is activated, viewers are taken into an immersive experience with enriching video content, revealing bespoke, popup animations illustrating each feature in greater depth and detail, flawlessly capturing the essence of the Peugeot motto, “MOTION & EMOTION.” Some of the interaction points even allow you to book a test drive or download informational brochures, all directly within the video!

“Showcasing the New 108’s innovations in a fashion that would appeal to its younger, more tech savvy demographic quickly led us to the conclusion that an interactive film would offer just the right mix of message conveyance and fun,” commented Sebastian Underhill, Director of Content and Social Media at 33Seconds.

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Inspired by the incredible amount of personalized customizations available with the car, the interactive trailer exquisitely compliments the campaign tagline, ‘this time it’s personal,’ attracting the stylish, active members of an urban UK audience.

WIREWAX is being used across industries, and redefining digital strategies. Pushing boundaries in creative storytelling, this interactive video is able to connect all the pieces of Peugeots overall promotional mix–bringing together television, music, social media, and even widening the conversion funnel by supplying what the consumers need at the peak of their interest.

Andy Goodall, Internet Manager at Peugeot UK said, “We’ve gone out of our way to surprise drivers with our new compact by adding innovations over and above expectations, and the supporting trailer is perfectly in line with this mentality”.

Click HERE to follow rivers and cruise around with Lykke in the new Peugeot 108.



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