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Creating Shoppable Video With WIREWAX Studio

Interactive video is the future of online commerce, and many brands are already leveraging this technology to engage and sell to their audiences online. Increase sales and engagement by turning your retail video shoppable – here’s how.

If you’re a brand marketer in 2019, chances are you’ve turned to the power of interactive video for e-commerce.

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With WIREWAX Studio, you can shorten your viewer’s path to purchase by making the products in your video shoppable – and the best part is, our self-serve platform gives you the tools to do this yourself in minutes.

Depending on your unique KPIs there are several strategies team WIREWAX recommends to maximize the effectiveness of your shoppable videos. Read on for some of the ways you can leverage the Studio toolset to boost your e-commerce content to new heights in just 15 minutes.

Increase engagement through clickable tracking

At its core, WIREWAX Studio is built on the premise that motion tracking objects and faces makes your viewers lean in and actively engage. Using sticky hotspots, you can attach clickable purchase points that follow your products through the video, allowing the viewer to click to buy or learn more.

In this example, watch as the motion-tracking sticky hotspots latch onto and follow the products, enticing the viewer to click.

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Learn all about sticking hotspots to faces and objects here.

Dazzle your audience with sleek product overlays

With WIREWAX Studio you can ensure that your interactivity remains aligned with your unique brand and style. Our overlay editor allows you to customize a product overlay from scratch and completely custom – with product images and video, descriptive text, click-to-purchase buttons and more. Or, use one of our pre-designed templates and pop in your product info to the corresponding text and image placements.

For more tips and tricks on creating stunning product overlays, click here to read our article All About Overlays.

Connected video shopping – Add-to-cart directly from your video

Using WIREWAX’s iframe API, you can tap into your viewers’ clicks and allow them to add products to their cart on your website straight from your video. Check out an example in action here.

Smart Tip 💁: Embed your WIREWAX iframe video player on your website to control the player using JavaScript.
Read more on Distributing and Embedding Your WIREWAX Video.

In the Overlay Editor, add a button from the left side menu, or use one of the buttons on our pre-designed templates. You can change the button copy to ‘Add to Cart’ or other calls to action. On the right-hand side menu, choose the ‘Add to cart’ action from the button action menu to attach a custom event to the button. You can then pass information about the added product to the callback.

Additionally, you can use the WIREWAX iFrame API to attach event listeners to other player events and user interactions – click here to see a full list and integration demos.

Need a more custom shoppable integration?
With WIREWAX’s Retail Module, you can connect your product API right to your Studio interface – ingesting dynamic product pricing and information and feeding your constantly-updating shoppable videos.


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