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How To Repurpose Your Existing Content For Interactive

Interested in diving into interactive video, but not sure where to start?

Look no further than your own existing video content.

Whether you’re already creating short-form social video, content marketing pieces, promotional material, or other video content as part of your current digital video strategy, then you’re ready to repurpose those very creatives for interactive video. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

By reaching into your pre-existing content pool, you not only have the opportunity to boost your existing video KPIs but you make your video content work harder for you, saving you time and resources. 🧠

Read our guide on why you should go interactive – then scroll down for ideas you can get started on today.

Take your video content farther

Deepen the context of your existing videos with customizable overlays that display additional information with text, photos, video and more.

Overlays are a great way to increase engagement, lengthen viewer watch time, and enrich your video content. Try inserting additional snippets of information, extra tips, hints, and content that didn’t make the original cut.

Create clickable hotspots that appear throughout the video, giving your viewers the option to take in the additional content or keep watching.

You can even use extra footage you might’ve shot that didn’t make the final video, and embed that video content within your overlays.

Make products within the video shoppable

Luckily for you, WIREWAX’s proprietary vision technology detects people and objects within your videos automatically, letting you easily add clickable hotspots to any passing bird, plane or person. Does your video feature clothing or other products viewers might want to buy? Creating product overlays or linking out to external product pages is a great way to add a layer of shoppability to any piece and will increase your sales in no time. 🛒

(“Choose Your Own Adventure”)

A great way to combine a series of your existing videos is to use branching to allow the viewer to experience all the goodness at once. Think of it as creating a choose-your-own-adventure for your viewers!

Instead of embedding several related videos on your website, or having a series of videos in a playlist, consider adding a menu to the beginning of a single video experience that will allow the viewer to choose what they want to watch. This will not only make for a more efficient viewing experience, but you’ll also be able to analyze which content is the most popular with your viewers.

First, take all your footage and edit it together into one video file. Using hotspots, you can add clickable points to your video that jumps your viewer to different sections within the footage.

Make sure you add a time-triggered jump point to loop the viewer back to your main menu so they have a chance to explore different paths in the video.

Be sure to go back and check the WIREWAX metrics dashboard to see how each path is performing.

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Add quiz points to an informative video

*Interested in e-learning? Drop us a line here.

Is your existing content trying to educate your viewer? With WIREWAX’s e-learning module, you can add quiz points within your video that make sure your viewer is absorbing what you’re teaching. We’re even SCORM compliant and compatible with LMS software.

Ready to get started? Talk to the WIREWAX Studio team now to unlock you interactive video toolset.




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