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New IAB Study Proves The Power Of Mobile Video Interactive Shoppable Ads

Earlier this month our good friends at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) released the results of a recent study showcasing the power of mobile video interactive shoppable ads.

Taking the test to CTAs, they discovered that audiences were both more engaged, and gave greater consideration to mobile shopper ads when they were directly called to act.

Building on this, IAB was able to fine-tune their findings to show a clear relationship between engagement rates and a CTA appearing within the first 5 seconds of an ad, with activity skyrocketing in comparison to anything offered beyond the 5-second mark.

Though three distinct variations were tested, it was found that the “ Learn More” message was the top performer, with more proven engagement and greater post-viewing recall.

“It’s clear that the brand’s first ‘handshake’ with a consumer should focus on letting them learn more about the product before transitioning to ‘shop now’ language” noted Eric John, Deputy Director, IAB Digital Video Centre of Excellence.

This powerful new study represents the first phase of IAB’s efforts to support brands and buyers in developing new video advertising formats.