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The WIREWAX Glossary

New to interactive? We’ve got you covered.

Use this simple glossary of terms to help you navigate the WIREWAX Studio and speed up your creative process:

Branching: A branching video is a style of interactive video that allows you to give your viewer the power to choose their path throughout the video.

Hotspot:  The hotspot is the area of the video that acts as a ‘hitbox’ – clicking on the hotspot will lead to the content or action of your choice.

Overlay – An Overlay is a pop up in which you’ll be adding your content, whether it be an iFrame, a video or photo, a PDF or lots more.

Static Hotspots: These are anchored to a fixed position in the video frame and don’t move. You decide when you want them to appear.

Sticky Hotspots: These stick to people or objects as they move. Typically you’ll see 9x higher viewer activity compared to static hotspots.

Posterframe: This is a cover image that greets your viewer before the video starts; like a thumbnail.

iframe: An iframe (or Inline Frame) allows a webpage to be embedded inside another webpage.

Time Triggers: These allow you to adjust the exact time a hotspot is active for the viewer to click. If you are creating a branching video, this also allows you to adjust where the video will jump to.

For any other terminology you might be unsure about, you can find more information in the WIREWAX Knowledge Base or by asking our team on the WaxChat.