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Wayin And WIREWAX Announce Partnership To Incorporate Data Collecting Experiences Into Interactive Videos

Wayin, the Zero-Party Data Platform (now Cheetah Digital), and WIREWAX, the leading interactive video technology, today announced that they’re partnering to help enterprise brands truly unlock the full power of video.

Together, the organizations will create more engaging and personalized digital marketing campaigns with the addition of shoppable and data collecting interactive videos.

With consumer attention spans dwindling, the need to be entertained, engaged and rewarded is more pressing than ever for both advertisers and their audiences.

That’s why Wayin and WIREWAX have combined expertise, to create best-in-class interactive videos, powered by Wayin’s extensive library of data collecting experiences. Working together, the organizations will drive deeper engagement than ever before with their videos by seamlessly embedding a Wayin experience directly into a ‘hotspot’ within the video.

As the video plays, hotspots come to life informing the viewer that the content is interactive and encouraging them to lean in and interact.

“WIREWAX’s interactive video technology is the perfect complement to Wayin’s industry-leading zero-party data platform,” said Richard Jones, CEO of Wayin. “With Wayin’s client footprint expanding quickly across major global organizations like IBM, Shell and AB InBev we needed a partner like WIREWAX to help fulfil all their needs, and we are thrilled to partner with them.”

Capturing consumer motivations, intentions, interests, and preferences at scale through interactive videos lets you truly personalize each customer’s experience. Empowering you to stop using guesswork by arming you with the data you need to make the right connections with your customers. By leveraging the right mechanics, and offering a value exchange, your customers will tell you what products they desire, what they look for in a service, and ultimately what motivates them to purchase.

Wayin’s Studio team will work closely with WIREWAX to ensure both companies can seamlessly capture and analyze large sets of zero-party data at scale. Both companies can then use insights from that analysis to deliver unique, better-personalized experiences for customers. This plays a key role in Wayin’s global mission to facilitate honest, mutually beneficial relationships between brands and consumers.

“Data drives efficiency, and interactive video powers experience. Together, we’ve created a powerful combination that benefits both sides of the supply chain. For advertisers, wanting to accurately and effectively reach their audiences, this is a no brainer” said Steve Callanan, CEO and Founder of WIREWAX





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