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Why Go Interactive

If you’re reading this, congratulations – you’ve already taken the first step to harnessing the power of interactive video💪

Interactive video is the most powerful form of online video – and WIREWAX wants to share the wealth with you.

With WIREWAX Studio, our mission is to put these powerful tools into the hands of every video creator – after all, who knows your brand, voice, and vision better than you? With a few clicks on our self-serve platform, you can transform your content and be well on your way to making your videos significantly more engaging.

So, what is interactive video?

Interactive video allows you to take your videos to a new level of engagement by adding clickable hotspots that perform an action when your audience click. With WIREWAX’s leading interactive video technology, your storytelling will immerse viewers and inspire them to take action.

 So, why should I go interactive?

We’re glad you asked. Our video data speaks for itself:

  • Interactive video delivers up to 9x greater engagement than traditional video

  • On average, 67% of your viewing audience interact.

  • Viewers spend twice as long on an interactive video than traditional

Whether your video goals include increasing engagement, sharing information, or WIREWAX Studio has the solution for you.

Why WIREWAX Studio?
A WIREWAX Studio subscription gives you access to the most comprehensive creative toolset set on the market. Not only do we offer interactive capabilities, but we’ve also developed a completely cloud-based solution. Our slick, self-serve platform makes managing, editing and distributing your interactive assets a breeze.

Never fear, we won’t part after your project is done – WIREWAX Studio allows you to track real-time metrics of your videos after they’ve gone live.

The goodness doesn’t end there. WIREWAX Studio allows you to track real-time metrics of your videos — views, interactions, viewer locations, devices and more.

Reach out to our Studio team to get started with your 14-day trial in our award-winning studio now.



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