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WIREWAX Brings Honda’s Interactive Masterpiece Back from The Grave

Written by Steve Callanan, CEO

Back in 2014, the legendary creative agency, Wieden+Kennedy & power-house creative shop, Stink Studios created what has become one of the most memorable and perfectly executed digital campaigns in the history of digital advertising.

Working with Honda and renowned director, Daniel Wolfe, W+K challenged the very essence of automotive advertising with the power and creative freedom of interactive technology.

A creative and engaging masterpiece was born, ingrained into the minds of all of us whose careers have transcended the perceived limitations of creative digital advertising.

Even to this day, I’m often in prospective pitches or creative concepting sessions and Honda’s, ‘The Other Side’, will come up as a campaign that set the standard for interactive video-switching experiences and for innovative engagement pieces that others still strive to replicate.

For all its success and historical importance – intentional or otherwise, the live, working experience can no longer be found, save for a handful of old glowing reviews in the creative press, some images and a few YouTube videos of someone interacting – but nothing that allows you and me to enjoy the same thrilling interactive experience.

All too often, digital campaigns don’t survive beyond their intended campaign lifespan, and we can’t enjoy them in the same way other great campaigns can be heralded, acknowledged and enjoyed many years after.

Its inability to survive is a growing problem for those one-off digital experiences that don’t leverage 3rd-party, award-winning technology with the backing of many years experience and a robust and sustainable service offering that ensures projects don’t die.

To complement our long-established hotspot and overlay technology, we developed video switching at WIREWAX to help Disney create an engaging interactive video experience for Jungle Book (which won us the Webby Award, I thank you) and the technology has gone on to inspire many others to create engaging and thought-provoking ways in which viewers can seamlessly switch between video streams in real time on any device.

It got me thinking, why can’t we leverage our technology to bring W+K’s renowned masterpiece back from the grave? And so the journey began.


Finding the complete and untarnished two parts of the film at a high resolution was a challenge but after some clever remastering by our creatives and a quick bit of development time to customize the experience to match that of the original, we could use our video switching technology to resurrect this experience and bring back a work of interactive art.

For those of you old enough to remember and for those of you curious to know what all the fuss is about – get your fingertips or your ‘R’ key at the ready…




The Other Side