Apps...four small letters which will make the world of difference to your video viewing experience. Over the coming weeks, a wide range of apps such as Soundcloud, Facebook, and Google Maps will become available within WIREWAX taggable videos, representing a massive turning point in online, interactive video. In just two clicks, users will be able to link directly to Facebook and Twitter profiles, search for places using Google Maps, buy tagged items through Amazon or listen to their favourite songs on Soundcloud all within a video. It really will be that easy.

Since their conception, apps have radically changed the way that we interact with devices with their purpose of short-cutting user journeys to reach their desired end goals.

Essentially, this will work exactly the same for video apps, where you can link directly to Amazon products, your friends Facebook and Twitter pages and Soundcloud tracks all through dynamic tags added to people and objects in WIREWAX videos.

One of the first users to feature the Soundcloud app was American indie-rock band Other Lives, who integrated the new app features into their highly-acclaimed WIREWAX interactive website which has received significant praise from a number of industry commentators.


Another early adopting user, Glaswegian band, Tempercalm were given early access to the Facebook and Soundcloud apps to test on an old music video and were particularly impressed with the features available to them.

Indeed, however crude the video, which was put together in a couple of hours yesterday demonstrates how easy it is to add apps to your video.

Former Bassist, Ben Marshall commented,"We were already impressed with WIREWAX's taggable video features but the inclusion of apps takes interactivity to a completely new level. Being able to include apps such as Amazon, Soundcloud and Facebook opens up so many options to bands like ourselves. Even though this is an old video of the band, we really got a feel for how beneficial these features could be, not only to musicians and artists, but anyone who interactive video is applicable to."

Indeed, video apps will be universally applicable and beneficial. From the most basic user to fashion brands or record labels, video apps will add yet another layer of interactivity to taggable videos.