Author: Dan Garraway, Number 2 + Co-founder

Those of you with rose tinted sunglasses may not have noticed the rose pink announcement bar at the top of the website for the last week. It’s been alerting the world to the first interactive 360º video for Berlin Station.

If you haven’t already, go check it out here.

Our new and eagerly anticipated support for 360º video was announced on this here blog by WIREWAX CEO, Steve just weeks ago and this intricate and incredible experience was the first to launch with the new technology.

It all started when a collection of the world’s best people, who happen to also be an outstanding agency partner called Ayzenberg, reached out to us with excitement about a new client they had onboarded, EPIX. The pioneering US network is the brainchild of 3 forward-thinking movie studios (Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate) and this year, they’re going big by launching their first original commission in the form of Berlin Station. But, they didn’t want to do a typical new show launch - they wanted to do something with real impact for the brand and the show whilst also tempting new viewers into the storylines and characters of a what is a new venture for the network operator in a highly competitive arena.

Ayzenberg are one of our close agency partners and as such get to hear early and often on our technological breakthroughs. So when they started thinking about ways in which WIREWAX could propel their new clients’ objectives, they started thinking about how our roadmapped support for 360º video could bring the people, places and atmosphere of this new show to life. For us, this was the perfect first project for our new 360 video support. TV and movie trailers, much like the majority of the video industry - haven’t developed since the invention of color. They, more or less, go like this:

-Slow, atmospheric music with fade up from black to big scene setting shot

-Fast intercut shots with deep male voice over

-Fast intercut shots

-Fast intercut shots with voices of 2 leading actors

-Fast intercut shots

-Fast intercut shots with deep male voice over

-In theaters July

Whilst this tried and tested formula has worked for centuries it’s not even touching on the coat tails of what’s now possible when creativity and technology combine. That’s truly what WIREWAX is about, using technology to create new experiences that connect deeper. The fact that the most omnipresent and powerful medium of our time (video, obvs) is so disconnected from the richness of technology has bothered, puzzled and at times outraged us here at WIREWAX. This is about using interaction to tell stories, to message clearer and quicker, to engage us with complex subjects in a simpler way… there’s hardly an end to that mission.

We’re excited and rewarded to not be alone in this vision, in fact, incredible partners like Ayzenberg, EPIX and our 18,000 users are realizing it. Join us!

Go see, touch and interact at and don’t forget… it works on iPhone and every other modern device out there. YES, that’s right people, no apps, no downloads - 360º interactive video in your hands. Or watch it in action below: