The print version of our sexy showcase of the year’s most creative WIREWAX videos has been heavily sought after and the printers can’t keep up with the demand. The coffee table compendium is a treasure trove of the very finest interactive video experiences from the multi-award winning Creative Solutions team here at WIREWAX.


Due to overwhelming demand, today we’re opening up the digital incarnation to everyone too. It’s designed to inspire your own creation, but also for good reading pleasure as well.

As video continues to explode across the web, with millions uploaded to content networks across the land, the pressure to deliver high-performance content is more pressing than ever.

The video marketing industry is suffering a trust crisis and for good reason. Well, we’ve got good news. You can rely on us and our trustworthy examples of video success.


As we’re sure you'll agree, it's been a pretty special year: never-before-seen production magic has delivered truly immersive and engaging experiences; video tech has been pushed to the extreme, and progressive, audacious brands have scaled new heights in their bid to make video content work even harder.

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