Our video partner, Brightcove, is hosting its annual PLAY event in Boston from 20th - 22nd May, and we’re hoping to see as many of you there as possible. This global gathering of like-minded digital media mavericks is a great opportunity to network, learn and pick the  pixels of media companies and marketers from around the globe. Plus, we’ll be there and we love to play.

If you didn't know, we’ve got history. WIREWAX + Brightcove = WIREWAX Sync™. This is a bi-directional sharing integration where your existing WIREWAX videos can be pushed to your Brightcove VideoCloud, and your VideoCloud videos can be pulled into your WIREWAX Studio. To show you how in-sync we are, we’ve selected some shining examples to showcase some partners who are successfully leveraging this smart integration.


1. Maybelline's “Color Crash Course”

This beauty ad campaign was no car crash. Maybelline was crowned the winner of the Folio Mag award for “Best User Experience” from this shoppable video which was built in WIREWAX Studio then pushed into their Brightcove player, seamlessly.


2. Walmart

Shoppable video superstars, Walmart utilise this sync-up all day long. They make baskets full of videos and push them all out through our flawless integration. Smart stuff.


3. Hugo Boss

I don’t hear anyone saying “Hugo who?”. This well-known brand had 10.3% of viewers adding clothes to their cart from this shoppable campaign which ran on their website and synced from WIREWAX to Brightcove. Genius.


4. Canon

As quick as a flash, Canon repurposed existing content into this campaign, which consequently increased engagement by 4X. They were able to push this seamlessly to their site via, you guessed it, WIREWAX Sync™.

These are not pipedreams, people, these are reachable goals. These big brands are utilizing the same features as you. You can get the same leg-up as Hugo Boss and drive the same level of impact. With our shiny premium subscriptions, you too can push your interactive video straight to Brightcove like these creative top dogs.

Book a chat with us in Boston and we’ll show you how it’s done and much, much more. Contact hello@wirewax.com now.