This is the first in our series of guest blogs where users tell us about their experiences with WIREWAX. Junge Römer is a Vienna-based Digital Creative Studio. They develop interactive rich media content for tourism and consumer brands, as well as major TV stations (Pro7, Sat.1, Kabeleins, Redbull TV). Enjoy!

Author: Andreas Fraunberger, Managing Director, Junge Römer

Since the dawn of HTML5, there has always been one crucial thing missing: interactive video on iPhone. Many of our clients’ core target groups consist of iPhone users, so this glaring omission was always kind of a big problem for us (and our clients).

When we found out about WIREWAX, we immediately decided to give it a try and put the technology into an international campaign for the Austrian Board of Tourism. This interactive video project contained a wide range of animations, full screen video and customized information layers, displayed in various languages. The application worked out really great - views and interaction rates were through the roof.

From the first tests until final delivery, the WIREWAX support-team was always there for us with fast and very helpful advice. This is one of the reasons why we decided that WIREWAX should become part of the core of our future interactive video projects.

Another project we used WIREWAX for is a little game called “Who Wins?” - part of an interactive brand-website we developed for the German TV station, Kabeleins. The basic idea behind this mini-game is to show funny fight scenes (delivered via YouTube) to the players - and to let them guess the outcome of these fights. We used the Youtube API to develop the desktop version of this web-app, and built a fallback for the iPhone by utilizing the WIREWAX API. This approach worked out beautifully.

For we developed a "Track Analyzer" (basically a very fancy interactive video player) for the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championship. Our mission was to use assets from the TV Live Production (POV-video of the run, a map of the downhill track, animated altimeter, etc.) and tie them all together into an interactive video application. We combined this with dynamic content to be used in more than 10 different races and disciplines during the season, all for a global audience. The Track Analyzer led to huge visitor numbers and highly satisfying interaction rates so far. Hosting worked out seamlessly and thanks to the WIREWAX Studio we can also gain insights into the behavior of our users. We can use this information in our reports and to further improve the user experience.

We are certainly looking forward to develop more interactive video projects with the WIREWAX API and Studio.