Lions, tigers, and COUGARS... OH YES! When we heard the great news that our pals over at TBS won the Grand Key Art Award in Partnerships for their WIREWAXIntegrated Shoppable Promotion with Target, we were blown over the rainbow. When we heard that they also took home GOLD for Innovative Media... [fireworks].

Using WIREWAX technology, TBS teamed up with Target to create an entire shoppable episode of the hit series COUGAR TOWN. But they didn't stop there, TBS also produced shoppable, behind-the-scenes videos with superstar designer Nate Berkus.

With so many beautiful pieces of delightful decor purchasable directly from the video, it's rather impossible not to imagine how perfectly that Seagrass Storage Basket would be filled with your favorite blankets, and how dashing those Hand Woven Printed Pillows would look on your couch. And for that exact reason, there was a humongous click-through rate of 15% to product pages in this original interactive video project.


Cassie A. Oppenheim, Manager Digital Activation & Sales Promotions at TBS•TNT•TCM said,

"Target partnered with TBS looking for a creative way to highlight product placement and allow users to shop while they watch. WIREWAX played a critical role in the success of this campaign, exceeding both the network's and client's expectations through the implementation of their innovative video technology. One full length Cougar Town episode and related behind-the-scenes video pieces featured the first-of-its-kind 'shoppable' viewing experience, leading the industry in sponsorship innovation, and opening doors to future collaborations."

With a little WIREWAX wizardry, you and your friends can unlock the potential your videos had all along! It's easier than clicking your heels three times in a pair of ruby slippers.