By Eddie Tomalin, VP Marketing

UK advertising’s most prominent festive spot has landed, and as Ad Land picks it apart to understand the meaning, measure it against the popularity of years gone by and generally scrap for viewers to watch the video on their site, we thought we’d take a slightly different approach.

Yes, don’t worry if you came looking for John Lewis you can watch the ad below, but it’ll not look like anything else you’ve seen on any other site.

The John Lewis Christmas ad spot is famed for causing a mad rush for select items, whether it’s Monty the Penguin or a starry night light. This time around, however, there’s been a slight change of tack. This time around it appears the piano is the centrepiece, alongside Elton John of course.

John Lewis is here to sell its wares, so we thought we would make it that little bit easier for everyone involved and transform the video into a shoppable video.

We uploaded the ad to WIREWAX Studio and our clever computer vision technology automatically identified all the people (Elton and actors) and products in the video. From there we added interactive hotspots and overlays that quickly made the experience even more engaging and we believe much more effective.

See what you think. We hope you enjoy it.