The wheel! The human species' most circular achievement.

Fire, the wheel, man steps foot on the moon...

WIREWAX has its own share of achievements which we like to believe sit equally alongside these past awesome human accomplishments. Apart from being the first taggable video tool, creating motion tracking hotspots and our long list of user widgets, you would be hard pressed to believe that we had much more to do. Rest assured this is only the beginning and in fact last week saw the start of a whole new list of achievements, starting with this exciting announcement:

Our taggable, touchable technology has finally hit YouTube.

Caveman filming first fire, going to upload to WIREWAX to tag the flames to show his friends.

Some of you may remember that back in August, after passing numerous technical compliance tests, we received the green light from the folks at the biggest video platform in the Universe. Like the well known phrase 'all good things come to those who wait', it took time to get the wheels in motion, but after much anticipation, it was January 2013 that we finally saw Nike (no stranger to WIREWAX, having created a number of interactive WIREWAX videos in the past), bring about this global first and boy was it worth waiting for.

So why the excitement? Well apart from attracting 800 million users, accumulating over 4 billion hours viewed everyday and having 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube at present has only dipped its toes into the taggable, shoppable video game, with its basic annotations tool. Nike's use of WIREWAX sees a huge leap forward from these basic annotations. A leap that many brands have been crying out for on YouTube for some time.

Neil was gutted he left his camcorder at home, he really wanted to try out tagging Buzz and the rest of the lads on the moon.

And what better way to begin our interactive assault on YouTube than on a beautifully executed interactive video from said sportswear giants, Nike. The video, built around Nike's global #makeitcount campaign, allows viewers to click or touch tags and see the goal that the on screen athlete has set themselves. Mobot fans will be excited by the appearance of Mo Farah, along with other superstars such as Alex Morgan and Serena Williams who each leave a pledge for 2013. The viewer can then join in and share these goals on Facebook, tweet the goal on Twitter, join the community and even listen to or buy the soundtrack (an amazing, uplifting, beat-pounding track by Tim Myers called 'Get Together') ... all within the video created with WIREWAX.

For Nike this has proved a hugely successful way of interacting with its ever growing community of followers, an ongoing aspiration that is crucial for them to achieve. From the beginning it was paramount for Nike that interactivity would be the centre of their campaign, allowing their followers to share in the experience and join others like them, not simply being a straight click to shop video as we have seen before.

Present day awesomeness, WIREWAX on YouTube.

For those who have not seen the video yet (then what in the name of biscuits are you waiting for?) it is currently on the Nike YouTube channel front page.

and also on

Those with a branded channel and who are advertising with YouTube have no reason to wait anymore. With Nike's exemplary example of what can be achieved with WIREWAX and YouTube, it should be easy to see how you can reach out to your viewers and really engage through some super interactive hotspot technology on your video content.

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