Social-networking giant Facebook has announced its latest "acqui-hire" this week, and has confirmed that it has purchased the talent behind the location sharing app, Gowalla.

The move is Facebook's biggest acquisition this year,(the exact amount of $ undisclosed) and comes as the site ramps up its service, with links already in place with The Guardian and Spotify.

The take-over will also put the heat on Gowalla's rival, Foursquare, which is currently the leading and fastest-growing location-sharing app with 10 million users.

It may just be a fad, but location-sharing, like tagging photos, is getting more and more popular among savvy social networkers.

Of course with popularity, comes the need for individuality. Whether you use social networking as a hobby, marketing tool, or a platform to get your views across, its all about standing out from the crowd.

Using Facebook, or an app such as Gowalla or Foursquare, you simply "check in'', and where you are and what you are doing is published for all to see. As a process, it's in need of a bit of pizzazz.

Now, if you were to throw video into the mix, it would make it all a lot more exciting...

Foursquare allows users to tag their friends, and photos of their location, so video seems like the logical step forward.

Users who tag themselves in a massive music festival video for example, will have a great opportunity to literally stand out from the crowd. Tagging themselves in a video by a well known producer or in a video with a lot of views will also give them the chance to increase their 'likes', and kudos, among fellow Facebookers.

Video has always been a way of documenting great events and those 'I was there!' moments, but to add taggable location-sharing to this would bring a whole new dimension, and a brand new social networking aspect.

Using taggable video to increase their kudos is a different and exciting way of letting people know what you're up to. Taggable video tools such as WIREWAX are gaining momentum, and taggable location sharing may be something we are seeing in the near future.