Meredith, a major media corporation with a portfolio serving 80% of U.S. millennial women, wanted to find a way to reinvent the way audiences move from engagement to action. Thankfully, they turned to WIREWAX, the leading interactive video technology and wanted to leverage the power of interactive video with their partner, Maybelline New York.

Not only were Meredith looking to deepen editorial content, but also deliver a paradigm-shifting advantage to its branded content division, The Foundry.

Maybelline knows that today’s tech-savvy, beauty-conscious, consumers don’t always want the in-store experience. They do, however, still want the full-service treatment with the self-service advantage. So naturally, Maybelline turned to interactive shoppable video.

However, they didn’t want our award-winning creative solutions team to make it; they wanted to leverage our toolset to do it themselves. We gave them the keys to the most intuitive and advanced interactive video toolset, the WIREWAX Studio. They proceeded to create an interactive video campaign that serves multiple audiences using a single video creative, thanks to WIREWAX branching video technology.

In the world of beauty, there is no one product fits all solution, but leveraging the technology Maybelline were able to offer a selection of different makeup scenarios to 3 distinctive different audience types.

The campaign was designed to increase engagement and it certainly did that. Not only did viewers appreciate the personal makeup recommendations, but they were also curious about the other products.

Imagine, a piece of content that viewers actually want to spend more time with. 😇

Maybelliene WIREWAX

Branching videos are not only a great way to provide users with an enriched and engaging experience, but also give the video creator valuable data segments about their audience. These can then be used to inform content optimisation and distribution leading to an all-round better campaign performance.  

With the right toolset in hand, there is nothing stopping brands of all shapes and sizes taking back creative control over their branded content and leveraging the power of interactive video to tell engaging stories.

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