If you have the know-how, skills and expertise to develop a technology and a toolset that you know will change a powerful medium for the better and empower anyone anywhere to communicate, to educate and to reach audiences in a way never thought possible, we believe you have a duty to invest everything you have, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. 

With an elite team of multi-award winning designers, developers, engineers, scientists and anyone else we could rope in to help, we've achieved the seemingly impossible. 


Today we’re rolling out an all-new WIREWAX Studio. It’s everything you know and love from WIREWAX but packed with so much more. This is no minor tweak, this is a seriously advanced toolset for anyone looking to make their media work harder. 

We’ve spent the last 12 months rebuilding the Studio from the ground up, rethinking, reimagining and reinventing technology that's been the bedrock of WIREWAX since its inception many years ago. But, we could not have achieved this unimaginable feat without all you who contributed enormously over the past year. We've implemented many of your valuable suggestions, feature ideas and nuggets of gold to make it the most powerful interactive video toolset on the planet. So thank you to each and every one of you that completed a survey, spoke to us on the phone or many video calls. Thank you to every one of you that dropped by our place or made time for us at yours. Your input has been invaluable and has helped shape a technology that we believe cannot be matched. 

If we were to list everything we’ve developed for this update we would be also in the record books for the world’s longest blog post, so we’ve distilled some of the key new features for you.

A new interactive video timeline fit for a pro


The Studio has been redesigned from the ground up, pixel by pixel. It’s not a facelift, this is core technology stripped back and rebuilt to give you ultimate control over every element of your video. 

The new timeline offers a host of new features including a reinvented, highly intuitive workflow, the powerful addition of visual metadata to make the creative process even more refined and a host of powerful tools all just a tap or click away. 

The flexibility of this new timeline is something we’ve worked hard to create. Expect to see lots of cool new timeline tools and functionality over the next few months too.


Intelligent asset management system to keep all your content under one roof

1. FB_Post_Landscape-01.png

The asset manager can support a variety of new formats, even if they’re not interactive. Users can now even turn their images interactive just like they’ve been doing with video for years, adding valuable new dimensions to existing still assets too. 

The asset manager was designed with team collaboration, smart metadata categorization and advanced search at its heart, delivering a highly usable and scalable environment for a one-stop shop experience.


Powerful background performance upgrades

Studio Upload

You told us speed was paramount, so we’ve put more effort than ever before into refactoring and rethinking the way we handle all processes from uploading right through to publishing. 

This means uploads are now some of the fastest in the Universe, computer vision analysis and AI engines have stepped up a gear and workflow in the browser is now over 100x faster. All this means that you can work fast, let WIREWAX do more and not let anything get in your way.

Happy days. 


Manage your video metadata like never before


Bleeding-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence run seamlessly behind the scenes working hard to bring your video’s data to life.

As your video uploads, our technology automatically scans the content, extracting vital and insightful metadata about people, objects and products. The machines make suggestions and you’ll know more about your content at a glance. You won’t know how you lived without it.

Think of it like having a new assistant - we’re doing all the admin for you so that you can focus more on that end product.


The most advanced subtitle technology on the planet

Yep, we said planet. Subtitles within WIREWAX Studio are the most advanced ever with a sparkling 95% accuracy. Not only are they self-generating (using world-beating speech recognition) they can also be translated into multiple languages at the touch of a button. It doesn’t stop there either; you can individually edit any word or block of text if anything’s not quite right. All in all, you’ll be pretty lost for words. 

Don’t believe us? Give it a go, right now.


New real-time video analytics that won’t leave you in the dark

WIREWAX Studio Analytics

No other platform can tell you more about your viewers or give such detailed insight into your viewers’ behaviour.

Watch over 150 data points live and in real time, measure success and learn how to optimise your creative with the WIREWAX metrics dashboard.

You can head straight over to our new pricing package to find out a full list of features available in the new Studio from today. 

Any new users signing up today will get immediate access to the new Studio. We’re rolling over our 30,000 existing users in batches to ensure everyone gets the level of service they know and love from WIREWAX. We’ll reach out to existing customers in the coming days.