Author: Steve Callanan, CEO

Since the beginning of WIREWAX, our mission has always been to build an environment where creating interactive videos is friction-free, fast and for all; for that reason we’ve gone above and beyond to build, innovate and exploit technology wherever possible to ensure we stick to that promise.

Being the first and only interactive technology to offer automatic object motion tracking still puts us at the top of the list for most users looking for a powerful and robust experience and it was the addition of face detection (detecting that a face exists) followed by face recognition (identifying who that face belongs to) that has entrenched our commitment to winning this connected video challenge and making your lives better.

We have more groundbreaking tools coming online that go even further; the much anticipated object recognition (automatically adding suggested hotspots to recognised objects) and object redetection (automatically adding hotspots to your tagged objects elsewhere in your video). Not to mention automatic subtitle generation, optical character recognition and more.

In the meantime, we’ve been busy working on a small but powerful (and, yes, fun) feature that automatically gives your tagged object a name based on what our machines think it is. It’s the latest in a long line of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that WIREWAX is built on that work quietly but tirelessly in the background to shave minutes off your workflow.

It’s an early release so we don’t expect it to get it right every time, but the best thing about it is it will improve over time. The more you correctly annotate your objects, the more accurate it becomes.

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