Today we've launched the production release of WIREWAX. We'll be personally thanking our BETA testers, but thank you to all those who've dropped us a line, Tweeted us, messaged us or just enjoyed having a play.

WIREWAX 2.0 is lighter, faster, easier on the eye, more intelligent and even more intuitive. And, of course, now available as a light-weight plugin to other platforms.

WIREWAX in pink

We've also introduced another layer of deep behavioural analytics; allowing users to better understand their viewers' habits and interests.

Of course, it doesn't stop there. Over the coming months further releases bring Face Detection and Recognition to the fore, and a range of standard button applications for your tags, amongst much more we'll tell you about soon.

So, now why not get involved? We're still free for 200 views and you're very welcome to add all the functionality you can dream up.