On the way... vast performance improvements coming in the next player version, user-kudos for tagging, integration into Brightcove and the world's first video listening post...

performance improvements

After a lot of helpful BETA feedback, we've been radically improving performance, resulting in a 10x faster player. And we're still one of the lightest video players on the internet (1/8th the size of YouTube!)... lighter than a banner ad!

user-kudos for tagging

New kudos features are being added to user's tagging; rewarding you, the people, for adding tags to videos the world over. Tagging is an art form, we believe it deserves kudos!

brightcove integration

To allow existing Brightcove customers the opportunity to use a fully-featured WIREWAX add-on, we're working on a seamless integration package. Signup to the newsletter (right-hand side) as we'll be releasing details soon on how to get your hands on it.

a world first in posts

We're hard at work on the what's being coined "the world's first video listening post" - allowing viewers to explore an album, extra features (such as backstage footage) and content in one WIREWAX'd video... more revealed soon.


And don't forget... the free BETA trial of WIREWAX is for a limited period only and there's not long left, so get involved!

Signup, upload and start tagging today!