There are several exciting things bubbling away in the WIREWAX pot right now and over the coming weeks so we felt it right to keep you all in the loop with some of these.

Firstly, we're delighted to say that we're now an official provider on, the simple embedding platform for websites and large scale content publishers.

The site, allows users to create an embed for any URL on the web and makes it simple and easy for people to embed and share media across blogs, social media and through websites. This is an exciting new development that will make it easier for anyone and everyone to embed WIREWAX videos in blogs and sites across the web.

For a quick tutorial on how to get started using head over to

We have also been busy working on a new support system for WIREWAX users which will give you a user-friendly, easy to use, help portal for all WIREWAX related questions and queries.WIREWAX Support is our brand new haven for questions & answers and for users to interact and share their experience and knowledge of the software with other users.The area hosts a range of new features including FAQ's and section that gives you the option to make your own suggestions and share your videos with other users. This section also permits users to help others who are perhaps new to WIREWAX and in need of some support to get their videos off the ground.As we mentioned last week, we are also expecting our brand new range of apps to go live over the coming weeks.

Apps such as Soundcloud, Facebook, and Google Maps will become available within WIREWAX taggable videos, meaning that in just two clicks, users will be able to link directly to Facebook and Twitter profiles, search for places using Google Maps, buy tagged items through Amazon or listen to their favourite songs on Soundcloud all within a video.

Our video apps will be universally applicable, from the most basic user to fashion brands or record labels.

We have also added a brand new feature allowing brands that use WIREWAX to update data within their videos through Google Docs. The customisable spreadsheet which will act like a Content Management System, will make it easy for users who have product apps that aren't connected to e-commerce systems to manage their content from the comfort of their own Google Docs accounts.

Finally, stayed tuned over the next week or so for news regarding two major brands using WIREWAX for the upcoming promo videos. Exciting times lie ahead...