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Channel 4 have appointed WIREWAX to collaborate on a mini-series for E4's Made in Chelsea just before season 3 hits the nation's screens. The experience is a digital behind-the-scenes teaser for the hit programme and the broadcaster is using WIREWAX exclusively for their online videos featuring cast members prepping for a big night out.

This is an important step for many content owners, broadcasters and production companies because they can start turning their passive content into a new interactive experience for viewers and consumers, bringing a new dimension to video.

The online videos feature WIREWAX technology and enables fans to interact with any cast member and garner more about their style, makeup and accessories. Thanks to the totes amaze change in the product placement law, broadcasters are now looking for innovative ways to maximise product exposure.

Ears have propped up over potential earnings with this method, and where TV does not allow the viewers to interact directly (the Red Button does not count, folks) with people and products, broadcasters are increasingly turning online where WIREWAX technology can connect products to advertising and e-commerce. But as we've mentioned before, brands don't need to turn their backs on TV just yet.

Last year, ITV realised the potential with a digital campaign for The Only Way is Essex which saw stunning engagement stats and the doubling of dwell time on the TOWIE website.

Made in Chelsea is set to bring fans closer into the fabulous (and bizarre) West London borough like never before and this is pioneering for Channel 4 as it sets precedence for a new relationship with brands and viewers.

Made in Chelsea season 3 is on now showing on E4