We've just stumbled across a taggable video which one of our users produced for The Devil's Double earlier this year and it has got us thinking... could this be the future for online film trailers?

Adding dynamic content to the trailer gives film makers the opportunity to make use of some of their unused footage and increase expectation and engagement prior to a film's release.

Some of the most successful films in recent years have been those that have built up hype pre-release through viral video campaigns and utilising social media to their advantage.

Cloverfield, for example, was particularly intelligent in this area, creating a buzz through a series of viral videos and a cinema trailer which simply directed people to 1-18-08.com.


The introduction of tagging within videos can turn film trailers into a completely interactive experience which can not only help to build a buzz about a movie in the run up to its release date but also give viewers the option of more content and hence increase engagement levels with the whole film/cinematic experience.

Indeed, this was particularly true of another WIREWAX video, produced by ITV as a 'trailer' for their successful series, The Only Way is Essex, which received over 120,000+ views and over 4 minutes average engagement despite the video only last for 2.5 minutes.

We'd love to know how you feel about this...could the introduction of taggable video make this sort of difference to film? Would you enjoy having more content built into movie tags? And could movie tagging assist in building the hype prior to a film's release?

For all we know, this could be the shape of things to come.