Using interactive video has proved to be a great way of communicating with fans. With technology changing all the time, the music industry is having to face the fact that they have been behind the times. The traditional music video has been getting left behind with CDs, and social networking, especially Twitter, is making fans feel closer to artists. Personal interaction is becoming paramount, otherwise fans simply lose interest if they don't feel involved.

Interactive and taggable video is becoming increasingly popular among musicians as an innovative way of boosting fan engagement.

Yesterday American pop-rockers 'We The Kings' released their interactive video for 'Say You Like Me'.


Developed as game/film amalgamation, the trendy video is engaging and exciting. The basic premise of the video is that viewers help members of the band in their inevitable quest to save 'the girl' from the baddies by throwing eggs, blowing up trucks and playing guitar hero.

Folk lovely Laura Marling (see below) created an interactive album preview video with WIREWAX, formed of a video listening post, allowing viewers to click on relevant objects from the album to hear a track, see a video, enter a competition, and of course, buy the album.

American indie band Other Lives also created an interactive video which posed as the whole website to promote their new album 'Tamer Animals'. Using custom tags, and the first use of SoundCloud and Instagram button applications, the video produced a unique and compelling interactive experience, taking the band's online presence to a whole new level.


Developing online interactive videos that fans essentially 'have control' over is inevitably a format that will gain momentum, and as technology develops; gaming, applications, 3D film, I am excited to see how record labels will distinguish their acts from the rest. Digital innovation is revolutionising video as we know the music industry leading the way?

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