As you know, last year we launched the biggest overhaul of the WIREWAX tool in its history with a major rebuild of the Studio; a responsive, feature-rich dashboard with better design and an intuitive user experience. The response from you guys was overwhelming - we know it was much needed and long overdue and it could not have been received better. All of you were quick to dive in and start making more beautifully elegant interactive videos with ease and speed.


Some of you told us the clearer video management page, with bigger, clearer settings was too good to be true. Others fell in love with the new collaborative features like project sharing and alerts, while almost all of you were enamoured by the multi-video uploading (that also meant you could crack on creating your experiences while your videos are processing in the background). Bam!


There was however one element of the tool that was simply given a fresh coat of paint while it's powerful replacement was still on the production line. One of the most challenging rebuilds and fundamental features of the WIREWAX platform is the authoring page where you customize your videos, add your tags, create your overlays and build your experiences. It's also a component you all feel most passionately about and something we've delicately wanted to improve for a long time.

When we said we are in the process of redesigning the authoring page, hundreds of you were quick to suggest ways to make your WIREWAX experience better and for over a year we've been wrestling conceptual UX, tools, features and as some of you know, beta testing new elements to fine tune and engineer the most perfect authoring tool.


As this has never been done before we were forced to develop entirely new concepts, test, retest and test again hundreds of different interfaces and components. Eventually we settled on a toolset that together would deliver the most elegant, simple and immensely powerful experience ever.


You told us you wanted a bigger timeline and to see tags in context - well, probably the biggest change to the UX is a bigger space for your video timeline - it spans the width of the page and gives you plenty of room to navigate through your video quickly and accurately. You can zoom in to see greater detail and it'll automatically scroll to keep your current time in vision. Scrub through yourself and it'll let you take over. Each clip is clearly marked with a thumbnail of the first frame and an indication of any tags in the clip.


One of our fav features - double-click or tap 'show tags' and the timeline expands to reveal all the tags and their position in time. You can adjust timings, settings and move things around, right there!


You all love the real time segmentation and lightning fast motion tracking - well, that's all about to get a lot more interesting. One of the biggest changes to adding tags is that you can now simply draw around your object rather than drawing a restrictive bounding box. This also makes motion tracking infinitely more accurate - when you draw around an object you're also telling us what is background that we can ignore and tracking processing starts immediately - that changes everything!


One thing that stood out from your feedback was a need for a more intuitive tool for editing motion tracking for when things go wrong. Well, we've gone one step further and completely rethought edit tracking from the ground up. We've developed an intelligent re-tracking algorithm that will automatically fix itself - all you have to do is simply drag the box back over your object and the system will figure out the rest. In most cases you'll only have to realign once but if it's still not right, just choose another point and try again. The more you readjust the more accurate the final tracking becomes. No more laborious frame-by-frame readjusting - it does it all for you in milliseconds.


The most significant upgrade is not just for the authoring UX, but for your videos too. No more primitive panels for overlays, beautiful templates will now be integrated into the tool. Simply choose from a range of delicious overlay designs that best suit your needs and then tweak the content.


Content editing is now a glorious experience. Thousands of you will be very pleased to know you now have a range of fonts to choose from and you can format and add hyperlinks to text. Creating overlays will be like nothing you've ever seen before and combined with a new range of tag designs, your videos will be a thing of wonder with no effort.

We know that creating interactive masterpieces is very important for you and we know you all care deeply about WIREWAX and what it allows you to do. We've been working on these new changes for over a year and we believe the new tools will inspire thousands of you to create new and mesmerising experiences and to once again rethink they way we all perceive interactive video.

We'll be switching over to the new tool soon - we'll let you know when. Hold tight!